Debunking the climate hysteria from the United Nations with Tom Harris

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition joins The Gunn Show to debunk the alarmism emanating from the United Nations Climate Conference.

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The United Nations climate alarmism/virtue signalling event just wrapped up. Yet again, world leaders gathered to espouse doom and gloom unless we heed their calls and cede to their demands.

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition Canada joined Sheila Gunn Reid on last week's episode of The Gunn Show to reflect upon the many lofty, overly-ambitious (and unnecessary) goals world leaders agreed to.

Speaking of coal productions increasing in some parts of the world, Tom told Sheila:

There's actually a funny joke that's going around the UN Climate Conference — I was told this by people at the conference. They're saying that some of these commitments, like India's net-zero by 2070, it's like a 75-year-old alcoholic saying I'm going to quit drinking in the next 30 years... Which is what India is essentially saying.

They're going to be net-zero by 2070.

Oh, but in the meantime, we're going to massively expand our coal usage. Which, of course, makes sense because their first and overriding priority is poverty alleviation and keeping their people fed.

So, I mean, coal is a magnificent product and if you burn it cleanly, it's absolutely fine. You know, there's no reason for them to be cutting back on coal in Canada, I mean Canada has about the cleanest coal stations you can imagine.

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