Yes defund the police, or leave them alone? Torontonians respond

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A white cop kills a black man in Minneapolis – and the obvious solution for racial harmony in Toronto is to… defund the Toronto Police Service budget by 10% (or about $120 million)?!

Indeed, that is the latest virtue-signaling move by Hogtown city councillor Josh Matlow, who recently tweeted the following:

“We need to wrest control of the Toronto Police budget, defund it by 10%, and re-balance our public funds towards investing in much-needed community supports. Here’s the motion, seconded by Kristyn Wong Tam.”

(Of course, Wong Tam would second such a motion. She’s an even loonier lefty than Matlow. Who can forget Wong Tam’s plea to have infrastructure projects developed through the prism of a gender lens – whatever the hell that claptrap means?)

But back to Matlow’s whiz-bang motion to make communities safer by presumably slashing the number of rank and file police officers and replacing them with… social workers? Anti-racism activists? Spirit unicorns?

In any event, I visited Matlow’s posh riding where the average house price is $2 million. And I asked citizens if gutting the police force of a city that continues to grow is a prudent strategy – especially given that this is in response to something that happened in an American city more than 1,300 km away from Toronto. Thankfully, most thought Matlow’s idea is a stinker – which probably means it will be overwhelmingly approved by city council when it is tabled.

It could be worse, though. Incredibly, a majority of the members of the Minneapolis City Council say they actually support disbanding (!) the city's police department in light of the death of George Floyd.

Nine of the council's 12 members have vowed to end the police department under the current system, with Council President Lisa Bender stating that she is committed to “ending policing as we know it.”

I’m going to assume Bender lives in a gated community and gets around the Twin Cities in an armoured vehicle. If that isn’t the case now, it might make for a prudent move in the future given that I don’t think social workers armed with clipboards and good intentions is any match for gangbangers, thugs, and other reprobates…

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  • By Ezra Levant


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