Democrats and leftists triggered by Joe Biden condemning anarchists, arsonists

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Joe Biden shocked the world by calling for the prosecution of “arsonists and anarchists.”

What seems to be a normal and rational thing (even from Joe Biden), has seen Democrats and leftists outraged at the very notion of condemning civil unrest.

As violent, far-left groups like Antifa and Black Block ravage cities like Seattle, Portland and Oakland, very few, if any, politicians on the left have called for a stop to the violence.

In his full statement, Biden says that, When president Obama and I were in office, we protected federal property.

Of course, he manages to claim President Trump has turned Homeland Security into a private militia. Obviously this definition makes no sense.

But, he also said the following: Peaceful protesters should be protected and arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted. This is apparently shocking to some journalists.

Look at what Chris Hayes of MSNBC had to say:

“'anarchist' is not some free-floating category of criminal. It's perfectly legal to be an anarchist, as protected by the first amendment and it's a gross violation of the spirit of liberty to imply otherwise. people's ideology do not make them criminals, Hayes totally nuanced tweet reads. 

No mention of the fact that anarchists are in fact, burning down buildings and attacking federal officers, but rather stating the obvious.

House Democrat for Virginia Lee Carter says:

Joe Biden just issued a statement calling for the arrest of anarchists, simply for BEING anarchists, which is very explicitly not illegal. It should also be noted that Biden and Trump have now joined together in openly calling for the political persecution of the same people,” Carter dramatically stated. 

This is only proving Trump right about radicals taking over the Democrat Party. From a Democrats point of view, you're not just as bad as Trump for saying federal property shouldn't be destroyed, you might be worse!

It'd be one thing if there wasn't any violence and the protesters were standing for freedom of thought, but these anarchists attack people for simply disagreeing with them.

This shows that Biden and DNC Inc. are worried all of the violence could result in Trump getting more votes.

Which, of course it will.

Democrats have allowed violence to happen in their cities for months now, and as the election nears, they're getting scared.

Don't worry Democrats and MSNBC. New York City Antifa is on your side:

That's always good endorsement to have.

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