Seniors “starving themselves to death” due to COVID19 lockdown, claims long-term care nurse

A long-term care facility nurse bemoans the treatment seniors are enduring these days in the name of “public safety.”

At the #YahooNation protest in Toronto last Saturday, a nurse — who expressed concern that she could be terminated for speaking out — said seniors at long-term care facilities are being treated like infants due to so many restrictions being foisted upon them in the name of safety and social distancing.

She alleges, based on her experience working in these facilities, that these seniors are depressed and lonely, starving themselves, being unnecessarily quarantined, and not allowed to have loved ones visit them unless the get-together is supervised by a staff member.

The nurse also feels that shutting down the entire economy as a COVID-19 cure-all is ridiculous, all of which makes her ponder if the virus crisis is really about “population control.”