Disney to eliminate “woke” storylines in Star Wars, Marvel and more

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Disney is ready to de-woke its studio, and purge themselves of social justice storylines, according to insiders.

Disney, who owns Marvel (and Star Wars, and ABC, and FX, and way more than that), is apparently done being woke due to declining movie sales, merchandise, and fan dissatisfaction.

In its 2018 financial report, Disney reported revenue for their consumer products division was down four per cent from 2018 to 2017, and down almost 16 per cent from 2018 to 2016, which includes Star Wars and Marvel Comics and products.

Executives don't want to take any chances anymore, and are going to focus on two things: money, and what the fans want.

If you're asking, why wasn't that the focus all along? The answer is obviously, “Shut up you fascist!"

As reported by writer Matt McGloin, this news is from a reliable source who has broken news on leaks from movies like Star Trek, and the well documented drama of Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel.

She is very woke, so woke in fact that she previously stated she sick of being interviewed by white guys.

As you can imagine, white guys make up a large portion of Marvel fans, and they didn't find that as being the coolest thing to say.

Larson and other studio employees have been causing a lot of woke-related issues for the studio for a while now. .

Star Wars director Rian Johnson and star John Boyega called their fans "manbabies," and said they didn't care about their opinions.

Not to be outdone, Star Wars writer Chuck Wendig called fans white supremacists.

Disney allegedly had a virtual meeting recently to explain their new approach which, unsurprisingly, includes not insulting or antagonizing your fans (and hopefully no more political messaging).

And I know we are all praying that means getting rid of that robot that reminds everybody of Leslie Jones...

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