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Dollarama Karen calls security: INTERVIEW with mask exempt woman, PLUS head office responds

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Attention Dollarama shoppers... Wild Karen in Aisle 5!

That’s certainly how Lynda Brownlee felt recently while shopping at a Dollarama store in the East end of Toronto. While shopping, Lynda encountered a woman who began berating her for the egregious sin of... not wearing a mask.

Lynda informed the inexplicably enraged Karen that she had a medical exemption that permits her not to wear a mask. In fact, Lynda suffers from fainting spells if she wears a mask. But the stranger did not care, and only intensified the verbal abuse.

Eventually, the store’s security guard intervened. Lynda says the guard told her to pay for her merchandise and leave the store as soon as possible as she was causing a disturbance!
Lynda was left rattled by the encounter, given that she is a regular shopper at this store and she believes she was in her rights to shop there sans face mask.

When we met with her, she said she didn’t even want an apology; rather, she merely just wants to shop at her local Dollarama without enduring verbal abuse by another customer or getting the bum’s rush by a misinformed security guard.

And the good news is that the corporate head office at Dollarama agrees. A Dollarama spokeswoman told me that Dollarama recognizes that those who have a medical exemption regarding the mask rule are fully allowed to shop at Dollarama without having to don a covering.

Furthermore, the store’s employees will be reminded about the mask policy and its exemptions. Bottom line: while cantankerous Karen got to roar, Lynda gets the last laugh.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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