Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD Ecology, not good enough for the climate change warriors

The environmentalist left is attacking Dr Patrick Moore again, this time trying to unperson him from a keynote speaking engagement about sustainability in Regina Saskatchewan in May.

On paper, Moore is the ideal speaker for a government hosted sustainability conference. He's a founder of Greenpeace with a PhD in ecology. He even calls himself an environmentalist.

Except there's one big problem.

Moore doesn't think that CO2 is the thermostat knob for global temperatures. And because of this, Moore is constantly under attack from the radical environmentalist left. Last year, after a tweet from Trump mentioned Moore as a founder of Greenpeace, the mainstream media and the radical left got to work trying to rewrite the history of Greenpeace to disappear Moore from it.

The Regina Leader-Post wrote:

The City of Regina is defending its decision to hire a well-known climate change denier to speak at its upcoming sustainability conference.

Shanon Zachidniak, the founder of a local environmental organization called EnviroCollective, said her group would like to see Moore removed from the agenda.

Zachidniak said during a phone interview she would like to see a better balance of keynote speakers, including those who have scientific credentials and represent progressive values.

Bizarre. The same people who worship a deeply troubled high school dropout named Greta Thunberg as a climate expert are trying to shut down a talk from a PhD in ecology in the name of “balance”.