Duke University students demand abolition of campus police

Duke University students demand abolition of campus police
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Student activists at Duke University have called for the abolition of campus police on the grounds that their existence based on “slave patrols.” 

A group called the Black Coalition Against Policing, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that’s stormed the nation in recent weeks, has demanded the university terminate its police department with the claim that policing is “inherently rooted in white supremacy.” 

The College Fix reports that the organization sent a nine-page letter to the school administration and board of trustees with the demand, which may yet be met depending on how woke the administrators are. 

“Let us state this unequivocally: originating in slave patrols, policing is inherently rooted in white supremacy and cannot be reformed,” it reads. “Now, we must imagine a world beyond police and prisons, one that seeks to heal and rebuild our communities from generations of systemic violence.” 

The student organizers say that similar demands have been made in colleges across the country, including the University of Minnesota, which recently severed its ties with the city’s police department following the death of George Floyd. 

While we call on Duke University to take similar action and cut ties with city police, we recognize that this is only a first step and is not nearly enough. Duke and other colleges must also grapple with their own history of police violence by examining the role of University law enforcement both on and off campus,” the letter continued, blaming the Duke University police for its ”record of violence against Black and LGBT+ students and Durham residents.” 

The letter cited five examples of police brutality over the span of sixty years—not exactly a compelling argument. In more recent examples, the letter cites police action against students for trespassing and other criminal activities.  

Furthermore, the letter calls on the university to cut ties to “all systems predicated on policing and imprisonment” and disclose its financial ties to any “organizations associated with the ‘military and prison-industrial complex,’ as well as the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

In response to the letter, the administration told the school newspaper that it intends to work with the activists to address their concerns.

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