Edmonton's mandatory mask law based on surveys, not science, city documents reveal

What sort of expert advice informed Edmonton, Alberta's political decision to make masks mandatory this summer?

Today, we have a freedom of information request filed by a citizen journalist which reveals just how little hard, scientific information Edmonton's city council ran with.

The bylaw itself is riddled with exemptions, and business owners are not allowed to ask for proof of exemption.

The mask law, which kicked into gear on August 1, seemed out of place and heavy-handed given the current hospital admissions. And it's not exactly clean and green given the mayor's reputation for being one of the greenest in Canada.

And there have really only been two City Councillors fighting against the hasty imposition of masks: Mike Nickel and Jon Dziadyk.

So what expert advice informed Edmonton City Council's decision to impose the mask law?

WATCH the video to find out more about what one anonymous citizens received back from the city!