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“This is bullsh*t!” Ejected for questioning sit down mask mandates in Toronto's Distillery District

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Welcome to Toronto’s Distillery District, where the Christmas Market has been cancelled and face masks are now mandatory — even outdoors! But don’t worry, as we’d come to find out — practicing journalism is strictly prohibited, so at least the public is safe from the threat of a free press.

On Friday, we ventured down to the city’s lovely Distillery District to check out the new policy regarding masks, a policy that kicked in on Thursday. Namely, masks are not only mandatory for shoppers visiting the retail stores here, but one must don a mask even when merely strolling around in the great outdoors!

We wanted to see what passers-by had to say about this bizarre policy. And we were hoping to find out from Distillery District management if they had consulted any doctors or scientists regarding their mandatory outdoor mask policy. But can you believe it? Management sic’d security on us and called the police!

Just for practicing journalism? Outdoors? On Trinity Street, which, when we last checked, was a public road as opposed to private property?

So once again, welcome one and all to Toronto’s Distillery District, where one and all are expected to mask-up and shut up! Other than that, enjoy your Christmas shopping.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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