EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Tam hired WE Charity for unspecified “services”

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Why did Dr. Theresa Tam hire the WE Charity to work for the Public Health Agency of Canada in October 2019?

Long before Trudeau tried to pay the cult of Kielburger $20 million to administer a $1 billion government student subsidy program, the agency in charge of bungling the coronavirus pandemic had the Kielburgers' WE charity on contract.

Now, as though this couldn’t get any stranger, cronyist and Liberal: This was a sole-sourced contract.

Contract Only Open to WE Charity

The Liberals aren't hiding it, either.

According to the Government's procurement website, there was no competition allowed to bid on this contract because the Liberals had already chosen the vendor and pre-determined how much of your money they would pay to the employers of the Trudeau and Morneau families.

Description of work is as vague as you may imagine: other professional services not otherwise specified.

So, it could be anything, it could be nothing. Could be to offset some of Trudeau’s speaking fees!

At Rebel News, we'll continue to dig to the bottom of this scandal.

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