EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau Liberals give $300K to “Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs”

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The Liberals are giving a $300,000 sole-source contract to study how the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench into their plans to give away free drugs to addicts.

And you are not going to believe the name of the organization Justin Trudeau is giving a third of the million dollars is giving your money to.

Under Justin Trudeau, the Canadian government has made a drastic change in drug policy and what I'm talking about is beyond legalizing marijuana.

The movement has been away from treatment and ending addictions to normalizing addiction and managing addictions.

Today, managing addiction means harm reduction which is liberal speak for publicly funded drugs to addicts.

Now instead of ending the lockdown that is causing the increase in overdoses, and cutting off the money that is motivating addicts to consume more drugs that usual, it looks like Justin Trudeau's government is going to try to fix the problem by investigating how to give people more drugs during an overdose epidemic.

WATCH as I take you through the sole-source contract I found on the government procurement website.

I'm not joking: It's $300,000 to "assess the impact of COVID-19" on "harm reduction services."

And the "proposed contractor" is an organization in Nova Scotia called the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs.

I guess the plan is clearly to keep people addicted normalize the problem, prolong the human suffering and help addicts achieve their slow-motion suicide?

I suppose they'll call it "compassion."

I will think of this every time the Liberals say they have no more money for our veterans.


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