NDP MLA defends Extinction Rebellion activist teaching in Edmonton classroom

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Alberta's NDP thinks there's a place in the classroom for radical, environmentalist weirdos to propagandize their doomsday theories to a captive audience of your kids.

Extinction Rebellion activists were invited to talk to Alberta sixth graders.

Nico Johnson had the story at The Post Millennial:

“The city of Edmonton had children listen on numerous occasions to Extinction Rebellion activist Chris Gusen on topics ranging from an Albertan Green New Deal to environmental activism during Edmonton's City Hall School initiative.

Children were so concerned about the state of the planet after Gusen’s talk that one grade 6 student wrote him a letter saying "thank you for telling me about climate change, I feel the Earth’s pain.”

Alberta's Conservative Education Minister Adriana LaGrange was rightfully concerned, writing an op-ed arguing that the likes of Extinction Rebellion have no place in the classroom.

The NDP disagreed. Climate March attendee and NDP MLA Janis Irwin tweeted this:

“Minister LaGrange, there is absolutely room for the perspective of groups like Extinction Rebellion in our classrooms, just as there's room for the perspectives of Industry. Let me explain why.”

Today I'll do the explaining; detailing why these radical, lawless, unwashed wackos shouldn't be anywhere near anyone's kids.

They've disrupted airports with dangerous drone stunts, blocked bridges, stalled trains and had themselves listed on an anti-extremist report in the United Kingdom.

Oh and Extinction Rebellion's co-founder described the Holocaust as just a thing that happens — almost a “normal event”.

Sometimes, I worry that Albertans might forget why they got rid of the NDP in the first place but I don't think the NDP is going to let us forget.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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