The CBC thinks it knows why nobody trusts them!

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I took you through the Edelman survey the other day, that showed half of Canadians don’t trust the media. In fact, half think the media positively lies. That’s incredible. It’s one thing to say, “I think the media is biased, or I think they only present one point of view”. But to say, no, they actually lie, they deceive us on purpose — that’s incredible.

People don’t just think the media is biased. They think they’re malicious, that they actively lie.

So what does the CBC say — they who are the most compromised; they who are explicitly a state broadcaster, who receive $1.5 billion a year from Trudeau and they who are still, actively suing the Conservative party of Canada. I’m serious.

So here’s a tweet from the CBC:

It’s an “editor’s note” from a guy named Brodie Fenlon.

OK. I’m curious. What is the CBC going to do about this?

Do they cover Antifa and BLM violence in the same way they cover peaceful lockdown protests? Do you think they cover Republicans as lovingly as Democrats? Could they be more in love with China?

None of this is even on their radar. In fact, their response is more fuel to distrust them.

They live in an alternative reality — I’d even say it’s tantamount to a conspiracy theory, certainly disinformation. Fake news.

They think, somehow, that their inherent leftist, pro-Trudeau bias is not why people distrust them, and they think that if anyone is lying, it’s you. They think the whole reason why people don’t like them is unfair, and done by some cosmic evil forces like Trump and the late Rush Limbaugh. They don’t list a single thing they’re doing wrong; they don’t have a single prescription to fix their own mess.

And — here’s the delusion — they actually believe their own spin.

They actually believe they’re the honest ones. That they’re the ones telling the truth.

NEXT: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on the denial of Pastor James Coates' bail hearing.

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