I'm back from the land Downunder as Elon Musk turns Twitter upside down

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Tonight Ezra Levant returns from a whirlwind visit to Melbourne, Australia finally able to visit the land Downunder for Rebel reporter Avi Yemini's wedding.

It was a trip that was a long time coming and five years since Ezra's last visit to the country. Melbourne was one of the world's most locked-down cities during the pandemic and he met many of the heroes who stood tall during the tyrannical rules thrust upon the people of Australia.

One of those was Rukshan Fernandes, a wedding photographer turned independent reporter who captured some of the most incredible moments from the huge protests on his livestreams which showed what was really happening on the ground.

Now, like in other parts of the world, the Media Party and authorities in Australia are trying to gaslight the public about exactly what went on during those dark days.

Closer to home, The Atlantic published an article recently calling for an "amnesty" to justify and excuse the bullying and bigotry that took place during the pandemic.

Here in Canada, amnesty hasn’t flipped around yet. They are still prosecuting victims. 

And the Media Party are covering the Trucker Commission just like they covered the convoy in the first place. But here at Rebel News, we’re doing a great job.

It's been incredible to witness the amazing change happening at Twitter following the purchase of the platform by Elon Musk.

With the censors sacked, it will be intriguing to follow events and see what diversity of views will be allowed under the change. The Blue Checkmarks are certainly voicing their disgust, but despite all of the threats – They're still there using the platform.

GUEST: Marc Morano, speaking about the upcoming UN Climate Summit in Egypt that he will be attending.

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