“F— cops”: Park honouring fallen police vandalized in Edmonton

“F— cops”: Park honouring fallen police vandalized in Edmonton

A park honouring fallen Edmonton Police was found vandalized this morning.

As reported by the Edmonton Journal,

Statues and plaques at Constable Ezio Faraone Park honouring Edmonton police officers killed while on duty were found covered in black and white spray paint. Part of the graffiti said “F— cops.”

Ezio Faraone was 33 when he was fatally shot on June 25, 1990 during a robbery:

Faraone, a 10-year member, was serving on that unit when he took off after two armed men who robbed a bank on 107 Avenue and 124 Street that afternoon.

Faraone was by himself, tailing the “two bad guys” who were in a red Datsun car.

...The shooter ran off to a nearby apartment block, through construction workers, and ditched his gun under a backyard barbecue.

[Sergeant Vern Colley] found Faraone, shot in the head and abdomen, after he pulled up to the apartment block.

The failed robber who shot Faraone was later identified as Jerry Crews. Crews died in 2016 after serving a twenty year sentence for the crime.

Albert Foulston was also convicted for his role in the shooting death of Faraone, and also received a twenty year sentence for manslaughter.