Facebook CENSORS Independent candidate in Victoria, B.C. ahead of election

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When Facebook was founded in 2004, I doubt many of us anticipated how much influence the social media platform would have over our fundamental freedoms.

But that’s our new normal!

Through a variety of different forms of suppression, including Chinese style censorship to control what comes to the top of millions of feeds, it’s become increasingly clear that matters of free speech and democracy are not valued by our Facebook overlords.

Independent MLA Candidate, public speaker, and advocate for vulnerable children Jenn Smith is running in the Victoria-Swan Lake riding in the upcoming B.C. provincial election.

Smith is likely the only candidate in the area who has had both of his Facebook accounts, including his campaign page, censored during the last days of the election.

In this exciting interview, I ask Smith if he believes his accounts were targeted due to his opposition to the quietly implemented gender identity and sexual orientation curriculum in B.C. (referred to as SOGI123). Despite being a transgender identified male, Smith has been an outspoken critic of medically transitioning children, demanding they be protected from the permanent risks associated with gender ideology.

Click here to watch my full interview!

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