Facebook censors only show half the story

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Recently, Rebel News interviewed Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig, what he described was Facebook subcontracting upwards of 1,500 content moderators working around the clock to monitor posts about the 2019 Canadian federal election.

This was done by a company  in Phoenix, Arizona, called Cognizant.

Hartwig says censors were given a special briefing on the Canadian election, including special instructions to delete posts that were insulting to Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

They were also instructed to bring any trending memes to the attention of Facebook for their special direction.

Hartwig also says that issues and personalities were protected, like Greta Thunberg.

Keeping in mind that we now know, thanks to Project Veritas, and everything that has been exposed on social media the last few years, that many of these human, contract employees take it upon themselves to do what they deem is the right thing; to steer conversation in the “correct direction”.

Which of course means if something is mean towards Donald Trump it can remain posted, if it's against Bernie Sanders or in this case Jagmeet Singh, it's hate speech.

Why do they do this?

Because forming a coherent argument is too hard.

It's easier to lie and pretend things that go against your view point don't exist.

When the powers that be back you up on this and tell you you're a great person fighting injustice, it makes it even easier.

A recent Toronto Star article said this about the illegal encampment at Toronto City Hall:

“Contrary to some media dispatches from the Toronto encampment front line, civilians haven’t been prevented from walking across the nylon bivouac or otherwise harassed...”

I wasn't allowed to walk around freely, and my camera man was attacked as was another.

Of course they're aware of this, these videos got more views than any video the Toronto Star could ever dream of.

But let's assume they haven't and continue.

“The broad expanse of pavement is covered in chalk declarations commemorating Black, Indigenous and individuals in mental crisis who’ve lost their lives in encounters with law enforcement.”

I'm not denying those messages are there, it's simply misleading because there is no mention of many “Abolish Policing” signs, and drawings of “All Cops Are Bastards” in chalk.

There was even a tweet from some one sharing that very article saying “the only person i saw inciting violence was Andrew Says, i saw him pushing an old woman.”

Again, these exchanges are all on video, there wasn't even an old woman present when I was there.

They think their words are magic, and so long as they believe them, it means what actually happens, isn't real.

I went to City Hall with the intention of asking questions, seeing the imagery, the signs, and ultimately see what their argument was for why they're allowed to be there.

In the end I don't care what these people believe, why should I? They're free to believe anything they want, but it's about the principle: 

How come some people, no matter who they are, get to not only take ownership of public property, but also determine who has the right to be there.

And if you watch my video, you can see the reason they shove and block cameras is because a select few know they can't win any argument, they know they can't rely on their pawns.

Whether they are homeless, unemployed or spiritually misguided... they can't be relied on to properly disseminate their propaganda.

If actual arguments take place, they will lose and no one will support them.

I know this because I tried.

What does it come down to? “You're on stolen indigenous land!” Which tribe, who stole it?

The only answer i got was it was stolen by non-specific white people, which i am somehow responsible for.

Grouping everyone together by race is of course okay in their eyes.

I did manage to hear in a different video, a woman claim city hall is Anishinaabe territory.

If you look it up, that name represents a group of at least eight tribes, making up a huge swath of land in Canada and America around the Great Lakes and beyond.

Of course it's vague and generalized, because it's meant to be.

But the logic - that you can't escape - is nonsensical.

Because it comes down to 'overturn all wars'.

That's what they're saying, 'give us land, overturn wars. But only the ones that were against us'.

Sure, some native tribes were cannibals, owned slaves and fought in wars with other tribes... those are fine, but only overturn the wars that we lost.

So where does that stop? Which Chinese dynasty gets to own China? Do we rename Istanbul back to Constantinople?

Maybe we go all the way back to ancient Sumeria, or whomever was the first civilization in each region and they take over.

It doesn't make sense, it's not meant to. You're supposed to chant, and yell, until people go away, or else you attack them. And the police have to stand down of course, because we don't need them.

That's what they say, but watch this recent video from a speech by this group at City Hall.

At City Hall during a speech by this group, photographer Javon Martin had his camera equipment stolen.

Javon posted a promo poster for the event the day before, which featured #DefundThePolice.

Given that we know the protest group also supports Abolishing Police, as per their signs, I'm not sure who is going to catch the criminal we see on video.

Will it be homeless portions of their group?

Will it be their team of small women to apprehend the thief with their umbrellas, or will it go the way the CHOP zone in Seattle?

Armed teens with no training or accountability to seek out the perp, that clearly went well.

This photographer has the right to do his job, and to not worry about getting his stuff stolen.

But to the city hall protesters who thought, 'this is our land to govern and police, we don't need any damn cops, they cause more harm than good.'

Well, now what do you do? The replies on Javon's post certainly think the police and media should help.

Sorry 'Afro-Indigenous Rising' I guess operating your own autonomous tent city wasn't as easy as you thought.

City Hall. The Government. The government that paused laws to appease them, the government that tried to remove media to prevent people from figuring out the doctrine of this new nation.

The only way a violent group of people was able to sustain itself was by way of the government it purports to hate.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

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