Facing threats from authorities, Pastor Artur takes church back to the street

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A roaring lion and a gentle shepherd

Many have been trying to paint a picture of Pastor Artur Pawlowski as a perpetual instigator, a radical and a generally hostile man. If you were to believe everything you read about Artur in the mainstream media, as I am ashamed to confess I did for several years, you might assume the very worst about the man.

In the now numerous conversations and interviews I have shared with Pastor Art, I must admit that I should never have judged the man without meeting him. He is not a sound bite or a viral video, he is a human being, and I dare say a rather good one.

Make no mistake, Artur can be an absolute force of nature when he feels his flock is under attack. He is uncompromising in his mission to feed Calgary’s neediest residents; he has been feeding them for years without fail. Pastor Art has worked in prison ministry and with underprivileged communities in Kenya. He has served as pastor to many, and time and time again we hear stories of the great consolation and leadership he has offered to his congregants. If Artur Pawlowski is as bad as they say, he is certainly going through a lot of trouble to indicate the contrary.

Pastor Artur is not afraid of being arrested; it is a cross he is willing to bear without hesitation. Throughout his entire ministry he has faced opposition and never backed down. Even when the authorities issued unprecedented orders waiving Criminal Code section 176.2 to allow for Pastor Artur to be hauled away during worship, he showed up to worship. He was not afraid.

Now the church building in which he worships has been targeted by Alberta Health Services.

Pastor Artur’s instinct is to fight, but the reality is that other groups, including a school and daycare in the building, will suffer if it is locked down. He is not willing to allow others to be collateral damage in his fight for freedom. Artur has, out of deep respect and love for the people who share his place of worship, decided to move worship back to his roots… back to the street.

For more information about Pastor Art and to donate to help cover his legal fees, please visit SaveArtur.com.

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  • By Adam Soos

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