Familiar faces, rising stars deliver uplifting, patriotic messages we needed to hear at RNC Night One

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We just finished up the first night of the Republican National Convention and it delivered the patriotic, uplifting message that Americans need to hear. We heard from some of the nationally known conservative leaders like: 

  • Nikki Haley: the former governor of South Carolina and former ambassador to the United Nations, a strong female voice in the Republican establishment
  • Matt Gaetz: Congressman from Florida's strongest Republican district, and a rising star known for his fierce support of President Trump
  • Tim Scott: Senator from South Carolina, the only African-American Senator serving for the Republican party and the first to win a Senate seat in the south since 1881

My favourite moments were hearing from the rising stars of the Republican Party: One of the speakers, Catalina Lauf, was someone I came to know during our runs for Congress.

Catalina was a Republican candidate for Congress this cycle in Illinois. She's an amazing candidate and I wish she had won her primary election.

But I know she'll be back. Catalina is young, dynamic and cares about our Constitutional rights.

It was so great to see Kimberly Klacik, too. The RNC showcased her viral video of how much help Baltimore needs, and her commentary afterward was spot on. Kim's candidacy has revealed the real needs in inner city communities, and speaks to the failure of past and current Democratic leadership.

It's time for a fresh start, without career politicians.

The Republican Party has always delivered a message of freedom, opportunity and Second Amendment protections. This national election in November should be no different.

Americans want to protect everything we have worked so hard for.

We want to protect our homes, our small businesses and our communities. We do live in a country of great opportunity and should not take that for granted. We cannot lose sight of how far our country has come and the social progress that has been made.

The people cannot be lured by a message of total government dependence.

There will always be a need for improvement and we are far from perfect, but we are blessed to live in a country that celebrates achievement through opportunity and personal responsibility.

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