Feds put $75k aside to assess Senate for workplace sexual harassment risk

Feds put $75k aside to assess Senate for workplace sexual harassment risk
Source: CBC
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The Senate of Canada is looking to spend $75,000 on workplace sexual harassment training and risk assessment for a total of 792 people located in Ottawa, Canada.

According to the Request for Proposal (RFP),

The Senate of Canada (Senate) is seeking to establish a contract for Workplace Risk Assessment for Harassment and Violence Prevention Assessment services. The Contractor must carry out a workplace assessment on behalf of/under the supervision of the employer and the policy committee, in order to identify risk factors that contribute to harassment and violence.

The scope of work for a successful Contractor encompasses:

  • 455 administration employees
  • 94 senators
  • 243 senators' staff
  • All senators offices, located across the downtown core of Ottawa.

In general, the Contractor must develop training materials and then provide training both virtually and face-to-face “as appropriate.”

The Contractor must also work to identify the risk factors “that contribute to harassment and violence in the workplace”, which entails:

  • understanding the culture, conditions, activities and organizational structure of the workplace, as well as the circumstances external to the workplace, such as family violence, that could give rise to harassment and violence in the workplace;
  • reviewing and analyzing any reports, records and data on past cases or incidents of harassment or violence in the workplace to develop measures to address risk factors in similar cases or incidents;
    • developing and analyzing employee and management questionnaires;
    • conducting employee and management interviews;
    • conducting physical inspections of workplaces;
    • analyzing internal incident/complaint metrics;
    • assessing/reviewing past government and employer reports, studies and tests that relate to the health and safety of employees; and/or,
    • assessing reports done by qualified Occupational Health and Safety professionals and/or security professionals where appropriate.

The closing date for the RFP is December 18, 220, and the budget set aside is $75,000.

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