Feds sought “new metric to distract” from “unattractive” mask delivery numbers

Feds sought “new metric to distract” from “unattractive” mask delivery numbers
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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The Issues Manager for Trudeau's Procurement Minister, Anita Anand, contacted other Liberal press secretaries for their opinion on how to finesse the government's “unattractive delivery numbers” for PPE and masks.

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The emails were traded a few weeks after Dr. Theresa Tam established new recommendations for Canadians to wear face masks, after spending months denying their usefulness for the general population.

Previously: PMO Signs Off On Response To Faulty Mask Imported From China

Justin Trudeau's office reportedly requested and then signed off on a series of responses dated from May 20, 2020 to May 22, 2020 in preparation for a news story that sounded the alarm about the importation of 9.8 million faulty medical masks from China.

Read the full story here: Trudeau's office was hands-on with story on buying faulty KN95 masks about to break

“A new metric” to “distract somewhat”

Midday on June 11, 2020, Anand's legislative assistant and issues manager Tristan Laycock emailed several other spokesmen including Leslie Church, James Fitz-Morris, Elliott Lockington, Cecely Roy and Chelsea Kusnick to present “a new metric” of reporting on PPE numbers “to distract somewhat from unattractive delivery numbers”:

Hello—For the critics update, what does everyone think about using the following:

Increases from last week based on current version of web table;

Totals from current version of web table;

Distribution numbers from PHAC. The rationale here is to present a new metric to distract somewhat from unattractive delivery numbers being reported. Hajdu goes into QP with these numbers, updated weekly, so we're in safe territory:

The Public Health Agency of Canada is receiving staggered delivery of shipments, and to date, has allocated approximately 2.5 million N95 respirators and equivalents (e.g., KN95 respirators; FFP2), 100 million surgical masks, 26.5 million pairs of nitrile gloves, 12 million face shields, and 2 million protective gowns to provinces and territories, and more is expected to arrive and be distributed in the coming days.

"Additional Numbers" on PHAC Mask Deliveries

Church questioned the use of the term “current version,” and Laycock replied that their mask numbers could only be revised up:

My understanding is that if whatever is eventually published changes, numbers will be higher than what we're looking at.

Roy followed up 45 minutes later with a revised number of N95 masks and confirmed he had requested “additional numbers”:

I have also called dept comms to see if they have any additional numbers on PHAC deliveries out to PTs as the Minister only had the N95 number in her speech on Tuesday and have told them what the timeline is for this afternoon.

From speech:

“And, our government has distributed more than 2.7 million N95 respirators.”

You can read the full exchange below.

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