Victory! Nili Kaplan-Myrth sanctioned by school board colleagues

This is Kaplan-Myrth's second code of conduct investigation, and it stems from her behaviour while under investigation for the first violation during a September 11 special board meeting.

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Hypochondriac TV doctor-turned-out-of-control Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth was found to have violated the board's code of conduct in a unanimous decision Tuesday night, resulting in a four-month suspension.

Rebel News has obtained a copy of the integrity commissioner's report on Kaplan-Myrth's behaviour, which mentions Rebel News 66 times in 188 pages.

In her scattered and error-prone response to the allegation of misconduct, which was included in the report, Kaplan-Myrth admonished the board for meeting its legal requirement to comply with Rebel News access to information filings.

She also wrote, bizarrely, that Rebel News CEO and founder Ezra Levant works for True North.

The trustee, who first became famous for wearing a mask in a remote TV interview while sitting alone in her office, was banned from board activities until the end of March 2024.

After first being elected to the school board, Kaplan-Myrth censored parents who attended board meetings to express their concern about gender theory in OCDSB schools, and had two petitions calling for her removal on removed by the platform.

Rebel News responded by delivering a non-cancellable petition signed by thousands at calling for Kaplan-Myrth's firing, delivered to Kaplan-Myrth in person.

This is Kaplan-Myrth's second code of conduct investigation, and it stems from her behaviour while under investigation for the first violation during a September 11 special board meeting. Trustees found her behaviour to have undermined public confidence in the board in Tuesday's decision.

The initial code of conduct complaint stemmed from the wild-eyed trustee sending text messages attempting to bully her black colleague, Donna Dickson, into supporting a return to a school mask mandate.

Kaplan-Myrth told Dickson to abstain from the vote, rather than vote with "white supremacists."

In Kaplan-Myrth's defence of the most recent code of conduct investigation, she complained Rebel News had obtained access to internal OCDSB communications about her behaviour:

On June 15, 2023, Internal OCDSB communications discussed Trustee Kaplan-Myrth’s failure to follow the safety plan and her communications with Rebel News, and bore a Rebel News watermark (i.e., someone provided them to Rebel News).

In the emails, OCDSB staff says someone named Darren “witnesses Nili bate [sic] the Rebel News reporter by circling the path near the parking lot” and also expresses concerns regarding her safety plan “and [Kaplan-Myrth’s] disregard for our efforts.” The emails also include drafts of a proposed email to Trustee KaplanMyrth reviewing her safety plan, and generally critical of her disregard for that plan

Kaplan-Myrth wrote:

OCDSB staff inappropriately made comments about my "baiting" Rebel News and then OCDSB shared that with Rebel News. Rather than writing to apologize to me, your response is to say that you had no choice.

I have attached the letter from my lawyer, as further context. OCDSB has a duty of care to protect me on OCDSB property (including in the parking lot), and a statutory obligation to protect my privacy. You made a decision, in bad faith, to share information with Rebel News. They are a far-right, white supremacist organization with an agenda to cause harm.

Rebel News is Jewish-owned, and a female reporter filed the access request in question. The board then legally released public documents to Rebel News.

The trustee also repeatedly accuses her colleagues of leaking information to Rebel News about her, stating "someone at OCDSB is feeding Rebel News information."

Kaplan-Myrth erroneously reported to the commissioner she had been contacted by "Ezra Levant of True North."

Ezra, of course, is the CEO and founder of Rebel News and clearly does not work for True North, and has not attempted to contact her.

Kaplan-Myrth has the next four months to deal with her paranoia and obsession with Rebel News and come back renewed, ready to listen to all viewpoints and behave herself like a fully functioning adult in control of her faculties.

Will she take this opportunity to come back better? For the sake of the parents of the OCDSB, she must.

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