Firing of Edmonton radio host Ryan Jespersen an example of left-wing media bias

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All the evidence you need to prove just how disingenuous leftists are when they are cancelling conservatives is right here in this story.

Noted left-wing radio host Ryan Jespersen, morning host at Edmonton’s 630 CHED, called the people who work for Conservative City Councillor Mike Nickel "chimpanzees" on-air. The thing is Nickel employs people of colour on his staff.

That's a big no-no, right?

The mainstream media made passing reference to the parting of ways of the ex-radio host and his bosses at the station whose parent company is Global News, but they didn't explain why he was fired. They wished him well. They applauded his work. Some even mentioned the damning words he used but ignored the context. And none of them mentioned that even after Jespersen was forced to apologize on air, he doubled down in a private message, using a black and white image of a chimpanzee at a typewriter. 

At that point, it was clear: Jespersen knew that he was hurling abuse at people of colour, but his supporters and mainstream media colleagues turned a blind eye. 

As news of the firing broke on Jespersen's Twitter, leftists lined up to pay their respects to the fallen host.

Trudeau senators, Notley ministers, journalists, a Twitter parade of blue-checkmarks praised how amazing Jespersen was, begging him to start his own social justice podcast.

Remember that next time the left is trying to cancel a conservative. They don't care about what you did or said, they want you gone because they want a political win. There is no moral indignation to be found.

It is all politics.

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