EXCLUSIVE: Flight attendant tagged with tracking device

British Airways flight attendants making stops in Barbados are being tagged with bracelets to monitor their movement, making certain they adhere to the country's quarantine rules.

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If I was to tell you that people who are unvaccinated or at risk would have to wear a bracelet that tracks you and your temperature, you would call me a conspiracy theorist right?

Well, this exclusive story to Rebel News shows a flight attendant, after a shift, tagged with a bracelet that monitors their movement and can potentially check their temperature.

Investigating further, the Barbados government issues these wristbands. The red tag you'll see in the video means you're from an at risk country, and the white tag monitors your movement. If you break quarantine, you can get into serious trouble with the Barbadian government.

This legislation has possibly been in place since February 2021 from Barbados.

After emailing British Airways directly to investigate if this is a policy that their airline implements on their staff, the response I got told me that the airline was just acting in accordance with Barbados' law.

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