Free speech? It's not so free anymore

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Over the past decade, we have heard words that are over-emphasized as a concentrated plot by the left, state media and the czars who want to change our life and way of thinking.

2016 — enter Donald Trump, and reenter the word “collusion” into our vocabulary. There was not a single day when the word “collusion” was not mentioned at least 100 times. This brainwashing lasted for years, until it was proven that there was no evidence of collusion. Yet the harm was done, as the word had been embedded in the minds of the masses. As a result, even a sneeze by Trump was considered “collusion”!

Fast forward to 2021 and the events of January 6, when all we heard was the word “insurrection.” There was no time for a healthy debate because crucifixion was on the agenda. Until recently, when this word too was laid to rest, because there was no justification found.

All this to paint a certain person as evil no matter what good he did. Certain words have now become triggers to shut up the other. You can’t have a reasonable conversation or healthy discussion about ‘cancel culture,’ gender fluidity, political correctness or Antifa.

Another word that is being flaunted relentlessly is “Islamophobia.” Islamophobia is a term that was created after 9/11 by the Islamists to freeze debate, discussion or asking relevant questions about the subversive agenda of the Islamists, and to make one community look like victims.

Appearing in some newspapers was the news that just this month, Danish and German authorities said they had foiled a possible terror attack after a series of arrests in the two countries. However, if you were to ask relevant questions, you would immediately be labelled an “Islamophobe.” In Canada, our Parliament has introduced Motion 103, which stifles questions about Islam and Muslims, directly against principles of free speech.

Free speech? Free speech is not free anymore. It comes with a heavy price, and I am already paying that price with a lawsuit on my head.

Unless we make a concentrated effort to stop it now, these word games will completely destroy our way of life.

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  • By Raheel Raza

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