WATCH: Freedom Convoy protester faces DECADES in jail

Former army doctor and freedom protesters share their legal battles after participating in the Freedom Convoy in Canberra.

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In a recent interview with Rebel News, freedom protesters and participants in the Freedom Convoy in Canberra, detailed their ongoing legal battles.

Paul Offe, who drove a truck during the protest, faces a potential 40 years in jail, while Bruce Paix, a former army doctor, was acquitted after a three-day trial.

The Freedom Convoy aimed to protest various mandates and restrictions in Australia at the time.

Michael Offe, Paul's brother, mentioned that during the protest, Paul's truck was separated from the others and he was eventually stopped by the police.

The authorities smashed his window and pepper-sprayed him. An hour later, Paul was arrested, and his truck was confiscated.

Bruce shared a similar experience, as he was arrested at the protests in Canberra last year. He was charged with four serious criminal offences, carrying a total jail time of ten years.

However, Bruce filmed the incident and used the footage in court to prove his innocence. He was found not guilty on all charges.

Both Paul and Bruce have experienced significant personal and financial hardships due to their legal battles.

Paul and Michael's mother passed away during his nine months of legal proceedings, and he could only visit her once before she died.

Bruce spent $25,000 on his trial and his vehicle was attacked during the arrest.

Paul's case is scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court, with the next mention set for May 1st, when a trial date will be determined.

As his case is not part of the Fight The Fines initiative, he is seeking help with his legal expenses through a family fundraising page.

Their experiences raise questions about the fairness of the legal system in handling protest-related cases.

Both men have faced serious charges and have had to endure significant emotional and financial stress as a result.

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