Fundraisers yes, Ottawa no: Liberals are safe from COVID-19 — at their own events

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Debt is approaching 1.2 trillion dollars. The economy shrank 42% in the first three months of the pandemic, five times worse than the worst of the 2009 global financial crisis.

We need solutions. Yet, Liberals don’t seem to want to shake the potato chip crumbs off their PJ pants, dust off the iron, put some creases in their suits, and hop a taxpayer-funded plane to get back to work in Ottawa.

Just look at this in the Toronto Star about the Liberals calling for another hybrid version of Parliament this fall:

We support a full hybrid approach — with some MPs in the House of Commons chamber and the rest participating online through the video conferencing that worked well this spring. It’s the responsible thing to do.

The Liberals are looking for ways to continue to avoid doing the things they are paid by the taxpayer to do: show up and govern in Parliament. Because of responsibility. Not laziness, ok?

However, if you throw $200 in the direction of a Liberal MP, then COVID-19 is no longer a threat. It’s science, you know. Look at this event from a Liberal MP in Quebec. 

A week from now, on Monday, September 21, he wants to spend a nice evening with you and 33 other of his closest friends. For the low low price of $195 per person. What a steal.

They tell me Liberalism isn't a religion, but then why does this feel so much like the medieval practice of paying indulgences to a crooked pope to have your sins forgiven.

Except, here, you pay your indulgence to the crooked governing party and, instead of being protected from damnation for your sins, you get protection from the WuFlu.

If these Liberals can meet with total strangers to collect election war chest cash, they can meet in parliament to figure a way out of this financial crisis made worse by their lockdowns and out of control spending.

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