Greens want Victorians masked again, mandates back in place

Victorian Greens drum up another wave of Covid-19 panic, calling for the return of harsh restrictions after some predicted it was only a matter of time following the State's election result.

Greens want Victorians masked again, mandates back in place
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Less than a month after Victoria's election returned Premier Dan Andrews to power, the State's Greens have called for the return of tough Covid-19 restrictions.

In a statement on Friday, the Greens called for the return of controversial mask mandates to be re-introduced "in crowded indoor spaces such as public transport, planes, events and venues".

Covid numbers across Victoria have are up 20 per cent over the past week, with more than 23,000 active cases reported.

Greens health spokesman, Tim Read said that the return of harsh restrictions were needed to protect hospitals from "buckling under another wave".

“Asking Victorians to mask up in indoor spaces, use an air purifier or have a COVID booster, is preferable to asking them to wait longer for an ambulance or a hospital bed when they need one," he said.

“We can’t sleepwalk towards another health crisis.”

The Victorian Greens ran a similar campaign to "mask up for Winter" in may, fearing the worst ahead of the cooler months.

At the height of the pandemic, Victoria had some of the most controversial mask mandates, requiring people to wear masks at all times including outdoors and in open spaces.

The Labor government also came under fire for basing its mask mandates on “low grade” evidence.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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