New billboard! Greta Inc in Alberta

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We've got a new billboard. How dare we!

Greta Thunberg is Time magazine's Person of the Year. She's been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. She's spoken at the United Nations and climate marches all across the world, including right here in Alberta on the eve of our federal election. She's met with dignitaries and scolded powerful people from her pulpit.

But who is this Swedish teenager and global phenomenon. And who are the people who created her?

You'll learn all of that in Keean Bexte's new documentary, Greta Inc. He's the first journalist to ever put challenging questions to Greta's face.

And at Rebel News, we want the world to know about the investigative, accountability journalism that Keean has done on Greta. That's why we are paying thousands of dollars per month to have a new Greta Inc billboard along the side of Alberta's busiest Highway, Highway 2 just south of Leduc, where it will receive 1.3 million impressions every month.

If you want to pitch in to cover the costs of this billboard, and to support Keean's work to expose Greta and the business behind her, consider donating at

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  • By Rebel News


Rebel News is the only media outlet to put difficult questions to Greta Thunberg face-to-face. But we need your help to fund our journalism.


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