Outgoing Premier Jason Kenney's long goodbye is interfering with the race to replace him

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Though Kenney has said that he would not endorse anyone to be his successor, he has spared no criticism for the apparent front-runner Danielle Smith for a policy that has become the cornerstone of her platform.

Smith has said she will introduce the Alberta Sovereignty Act if she wins the leadership of the United Conservative Party this fall. According to Smith, the law will give Alberta the power to ignore federal laws and court rulings deemed not in the province’s interest.

Legal scholars who slept through the last two years of unconstitutional rules and regulations imposed in the name of public safety are now calling Smith's proposal “illegal,” “unenforceable,” and disrespectful to the rule of law.

And Kenney called it “nuts” and that even if the legislature passed the law, the lieutenant-governor would refuse to give it royal assent and Alberta would become a “laughing stock.”

Who asked him? And since when does Kenney care about what's constitutional after 30 months of arrests of peaceful protesters, incarcerations of pastors and businessmen and seizures of diners and churches as part of his COVID enforcement strategy?

Joining me tonight to discuss Kenney sticking his nose into the middle of the race to replace him, the federal Conservative leadership race, and Trudeau's latest gun grab is Cory Morgan of the Western Standard.

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