Harrington Lake upgrades: Trudeau going ahead with $8M update four years in the making

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Justin Trudeau is secretly building himself a new lakeside mansion at his Harrington Lake retreat with our money and it’s been in the works for at least four years.

Aerial photographs of the property have shown the changes to the waterfront, yet National Capital Commission bureaucrats just now confirmed what Google Earth already did — that construction of a new guest house, the so-called “caretaker’s cottage” is well underway.

Although the media is just reporting on the construction project now, a 2018 Rebel News access to information investigation revealed Trudeau was already planning the new guest house in 2016 when he was preparing his list of upgrades and wants for the lake house.

Trudeau required upgrades to the property that included a tree house with a zipline, a $9,000 bee farm complete with bee farmers, a $6,000 organic garden, $13,500 to protect the garden, several new canoes and boats, and $2,000 to improve the ice on Trudeau’s private skating rink.

Furthermore, $3,500 was spent to fix the potable water system at the lake house, not because the water was undrinkable, but rather, because the Trudeaus found it to be “too soft.”

Buried in those 2018 documents I found something else: the future plans for the expansion of Harrington Lake:

  • “Caretaker’s Cottage. Review potential uses for this building. Possible staff residences, offices, kitchen”.
  • “Consider alternate residence on site for entertaining heads of state” that must have “universal beach access”.

The mainstream media is using their bailout bucks to bring you yesterday’s news today, and Trudeau is using your money to feather his nest during an economic crisis.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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