How Manitoba identifies its lockdown victims: $1,300 COVID fine issued thanks to gov't records

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Manitobans are living in one of the most oppressive lockdown jurisdictions in the country.

Businesses deemed non-essential by Brian Pallister's Progressive Conservative government -like restaurants, pubs and bars, gyms, hair and nail salons as well as mom and pop shops -have been forced to close, while big box stores remain open.

Churches are closed to in-person services. For a time, even drive-in services were banned, with local cops and RCMP officers enforcing the rules on faith communities by blocking roads and issuing $1,300 tickets to church goers. People flooded churches as congregations fought to keep their right to free assembly and to gather and worship unmolested by the long arm of the state by holding socially distant drive-in sermons.

Justin Reineke from Steinbach, Manitoba is one of those people. He's a self-styled citizen journalist and activist who was caught up in the COVID cop crackdown on the Church of God led by Pastor Tobias Tissen.

I met Reineke when he sent us his lockdown ticket through our special website Rebel News is helping him contest his lockdown ticket at no cost to him by putting him in touch with a top criminal lawyer to fight his fine in court.

If you'd like to help us help Reineke and hundreds of other people across the country just like him with an unconstitutional lockdown fine, you can donate at  

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