How the UCP plans to advocate for Alberta energy, economy and values

Adam Soos asked Min. Devin Dreeshen, who hosted a Stampede reception, about what progress has been made to enable our industries to access new markets and usher in a new economic boom in Alberta.

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Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors for the United Conservative Party, recently hosted a Stampede Reception. With many Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and ministers expected to be in attendance, Rebel News was on location to ask as them, in true Western Stampede spirit, how the UCP plans to continue advocating for Alberta energy, its economy and values.

Going back to U.S. President Joe Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone XL pipeline and considering ongoing activism in neighbouring provinces to prevent Albertans from getting our products to tidewater and ultimately a broadened global market, I asked Dreeshen about what progress has been made to enable our industries to access new markets and usher in a new economic boom in Alberta.

He shared about exciting developments and the establishing of new economic corridors that would give us access to other provinces immediately, and eventually to international waters through the northern territories.

Mickey Amery, Alberta’s new Minister of Justice, joined me to talk about continued efforts to get hard on crime and his plans to continue advocating for firearms rights. His colleague Mike Ellis, the deputy premier and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services, addressed continued efforts to make city streets safe and to continue tackling addiction in the province.

Rebel News was also fortunate to speak with Minister of Indigenous Relations Rick Wilson, who shared about economic opportunities, community improvements and the continued relationship building that is occurring between the UCP and empowered First Nations communities across the province. MLA Scott Sinclair also shared about the UCP's efforts to make life more affordable for normal folks as well as his experience as a business owner in the province.

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Advanced Education, discussed the UCP's plans to create education opportunities in the province, to advocate for trades, and to bring new and talented people into the province to help drive and grow our economy. MLA Grant Hunter also filled us in on the UCP's efforts to ensure that Albertans feel truly represented.

We also spoke with David Parker of Take Back Alberta and discussed whether Alberta values and priorities would actually be represented under a Danielle Smith UCP — and potentially under a Pierre Poilievre federal government. Additionally, we touched base with liquor mogul Ravinder Minhas, co-founder of Minhas Breweries and Distillery, about how Alberta seems to be back in business under the UCP.

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