‘I want to ask them: who will own it all?’: Calvin Robinson's top priority in Davos

The World Economic Forum previously published an article talking about how in the future, we would own nothing and be happy. GB News presenter Calvin Robinson tells us how this infamous story inspired him to cover the WEF in Davos and much more.

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I'm reporting to you once again from Davos, Switzerland, where Rebel News is covering the World Economic Forum's annual get together for the second straight year. Last time it was last May, this time it's January, which is when the WEF normally holds its summit.

While I'm here for the first time, our reporter from Australia, Avi Yemini, is here for the second time — and he's already doing a great job. Our new reporter from the U.K., Callum Smiles, is here, too.

But we have an extra guest with us here, who doesn't work for Rebel News but is joining us on our citizen journalism project. His name is Calvin Robinson, he's with GB News in the U.K., he's appeared as a guest before on my show.

This time, I had the chance to interview Calvin in person here in Davos.

“It's a remote town, isn't it? It's hidden away, it's very exclusive,” Calvin told me. “The only reason to be here is if you know what's going on, if you're invited here. I think that's why they hold it here, to keep it away from the normal folk and to keep everything behind closed doors. It's a bit secretive, it's a bit shadowy.”

Our conversation touched on how difficult it is to get to Davos, and how earlier in the day we'd witnessed exactly how the “elites” make their way to this resort town: private flights, helicopter rides, motorcades of SUVs.

While we here at Rebel News respect the right to privacy — if a person has earned money, spend it how you please — these folks have plans for you and me. It's almost like an unelected government, and, without sounding too conspiratorial, that's how they talk here in Davos.

They talk about mastering the future; they talk about revising our concepts of citizenship; they talk about governance. These are not elected people, but they're acting like a government without the checks and balances of government.

“But even worse than that, some of them are elected,” Calvin adds. “But not elected for this position they find themselves in. They mate up together, they're colluding, they're lobbying each other. And of course, when you put the most influential, most powerful, the richest people in the world in one room together, of course they're going to be looking after their own vested interested before ours.”

Recalling the WEF's infamous “you'll own nothing and be happy” document, Calvin told me that asking the WEF who will own everything was his inspiration for joining us.

And speaking of wealth, our conversation also touched on my interaction with the BlackRock pavilion here in Davos yesterday.

“Ezra, they're proud,” Calvin tells me. “They're proud of this [Great Reset]. We've seen Klaus Schwab, the boss, say ‘we've penetrated the cabinets.’”

We talked about fact-checking, so-called conspiracy theories, censorship — all of the most important civil liberties issues of our time. That's why Calvin is one of my favourite people to talk to, and why he's joining us on this trip.

You can follow along with all of our coverage from the WEF at WEFReports.com. And, if you want to support our 100% viewer-funded citizen journalism, you can chip in a few dollars at that very same website to help cover our economy-class airfare and accommodations.

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