WATCH: CNBC Vice President threatens to 'PUNCH OUT' Avi Yemini in Davos

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I’m here at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

I’m doing citizen journalism for Rebel News. That means asking real questions that people care about.

Which is very different from what the regime media here are doing.

You know who I mean: the “official” media, sometimes called the mainstream media. They’re all here to get their marching orders from the WEF, to get the new narrative for 2023. 

There are plenty of regime journalists here. But not a lot of citizen journalists.

I bumped into one regime journalist named Patrick Allen, a vice president of CNBC. That’s a new channel owned by Comcast — a vast conglomerate worth more than $160 billion.

And — surprise! — Comcast is an official member of the World Economic Forum. (So is Patrick Allen, actually.)

Do you see how this works?

So instead of asking questions of the globalist elites, CNBC was really just an official promoter of the globalist elites. Comcast paid for them to be there — hundreds of thousands of dollars, to get an official WEF pavilion.

So I asked Patrick Allen about that. I mean, how can you report on the WEF if you’re part of the WEF?

At first, Allen was just rude and threatened to have me “escorted off by security”.

But when he thought I couldn’t hear him, he went further, didn’t he?

“This guy is going to get punched out... for taking pictures.”

That’s a pretty crazy thing for a journalist to say.

But like I say: Patrick Allen and CNBC aren’t really journalists anymore, are they? They’re just WEF insiders with a press pass.


PS There are a lot of Patrick Allens here. Not many citizen journalists, though — but I’m here with a great Rebel News team asking the questions the Patrick Allens won’t. If you think our work here is valuable, please help us out by chipping in to our economy-class travel via the donation form on this page.

PPS We’re here all week — me, Ezra Levant from Canada, Callum Smiles from the UK, and even our special guest, Calvin Robinson, from the UK. You can see all of our videos at

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