“Lockdowns are NOT WORKING” | Calvin Robinson talks U.K. restrictions with Ezra Levant

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On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Calvin Robinson, senior fellow at U.K. think tank Policy Exchange and champion of the #DefundTheBBC movement.

Calvin joined Ezra to discuss the current status of lockdowns imposed on the British population, perhaps the strictest in the free world since the Victoria, Australia lockdown lifted.

Speaking about the situation in London, and the rest of the country, Calvin told Ezra: 

So what we had back in March was a national lockdown, where the whole country was in what we call a lockdown. But since then we've introduced tiers — and tiers is lockdown in a sly way. It's another wording for lockdowns.

So we have Tier 1 through four, and each tier has different restrictions on your life. Tier 4, which is what London is in right now, means you have to stay at home. You can't see people, you can't invite people into your own home, you can't go out, restaurants shut, shops are shut, there's no socializing whatsoever.

But the whole country is in one tier or another, so we are essentially in a lockdown. This is just our government's way of getting around it, because politically it doesn't look good to have a lockdown for the entire year.

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