Predictable, but gross: Have you seen who has taken Trudeau's special pandemic payments?

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Did you see who has been taking special pandemic payments from Justin Trudeau? Or phrased differently — did you see who Trudeau has chosen to enrich?

You can find out on the Canada Revenue Agency’s own website, which is interesting.

Any employer in Canada who has asked for a hand-out to pay for their staff.

And you can just type in a company’s name to see if they signed up for the wage subsidy. It won’t tell you how much they made; it won’t tell you the names of the employees. But it will tell you if they took the cash.

Now, before I go further — I think there’s a fairness to these wage subsidies. If you tell a company that it must shut down — which I think it legally questionable to begin with — if you tell them to shut down, so they can’t earn money, well, then they can’t very well pay their staff if they can’t earn money.

But let’s take a look. Let’s look at this search engine.

I’m going to type in the word, oh, I don’t know, China.

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