Global elites want you to eat bugs — say no!

Rebel News is pushing back against the pro-bug eating movement by preparing a petition which will be presented to Justin Trudeau.

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With the pandemic, the concept of “Build Back Better” has resurfaced and the ideology of rebuilding a sustainable environment is gaining momentum.

The governments and elites around the world are slowly trying to change the lives of the population by imposing regulations that would force the consumption of bugs and alternate sources of protein.

Multiple issues such as inflation, the price of gas and the cost of living influence the way we live and causes a growing anxiety in society. But that's not all, now elites are trying to implement the idea of replacing our animal protein sources with insects, allegedly to save our planet from climate change.

Do you really think that these people in power will actually apply this same rule to their own personal ways of living?

With the $8.5M that Mr. Trudeau has invested in cricket farms, with Bill Gates buying up acres of farmland, with the new nitrogen and carbon emission regulations in the Netherlands, we can see that something is happening in the agriculture industry.

Let's not wait until it's too late to fight back. Sign our petition in against the insect for human consumption industry at so that we can present it to Justin Trudeau.

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PETITION: I Won't Eat Bugs

28,199 signatures
Goal: 30,000 Signatures

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