Importing N95 masks to Canada? Licence and tax requirements frustrate small business

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The term “post 9-11” referred to the forever changed global landscape following the downing of the Twin Towers. Airports were never the same and security was heightened across the world. Similarly, “post COVID” will become a household term.

The way businesses operate may never be the same. Restaurants are already looking at scrapping the traditional menu and moving to digital options. Packed convention halls and stadiums will be looking for solutions to safely manage close contact events.

To get the economy rolling businesses are going to need to prepare, and that means procuring the required equipment. The low-hanging fruit in this case are the famous N95 masks, which protect wearers from inhaling virus particles, but for some reason these masks are being taxed by the Trudeau government.

Feminists around the world raised a fuss over taxing feminine hygiene products. That seems like decades ago now. But in the post COVID world, real life-saving equipment must be afforded the same privilege.

Not only are taxes being applied at the border, licenses are being required of business owners looking to import the products. This has caused one Albertan business owner to consider giving up entirely. He joins me today, via Skype.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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