Introducing the Independent Press Gallery of Canada: Candice Malcolm

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowCandice Malcolm from True North called in to talk about starting up a new organization, the Independent Press Gallery of Canada.

In this clip, Ezra asks Candice if the IPG has any rule about taking government money, or accepting membership applications from the CBC or China Daily:

“I have given it a little bit of thought, Ezra, and basically where I come down on this is there are two general principles that we ask members to abide by.

“First is something called the Bourdeaux principles, which is just general journalistic ethics that have been developed by a broader, international federation of journalism in accompaniment with the United Nations. It's just very basic journalist principles, so we ask that journalists abide that, and pledge to upload those journalistic standards — it's pretty basic stuff. You don't take money for stories, you don't pay sources... but then the other principle, which is exactly right what you're talking about — the word independence.

“We ask the journalists do not take funding from the government. It's my belief that as soon as a journalist becomes an employee of the state, or gets paid by the state, or gets subsidized by the state — they're no longer truly independent in the same way as those Bourdeaux principles apply.”

You can find out more by visiting

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