B.C. BLOCKADE: Investigating the eco-radicals crippling BC’s forestry industry

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There is a crisis brewing in the Canadian forestry industry, and you probably don't even know it.

Just as Canada's oil and gas industry faces eco-extremists, eco-terrorists, and eco-radicals, so does our forestry industry.

After documenting and joining eco-blockades on Vancouver Island, and boarding a forestry tugboat operation on the Fraser River, we’ve gone deeper than ever before into unmasking and exposing the people on the front lines of the war on Canadian industry.

First, we located and entered a forestry blockade on Vancouver Island. Questions immediately arose: Why were the radicals using official City of Toronto pylons to line their blockade in the most remote parts of Vancouver Island? Who was running the show? Where did they get their money?

But that was just the beginning.

We joined a tugboat operation on the Fraser River, where the owner shed some light on the extremists blockading forestry projects across the province. Travis O’Brien, the owner of the tugboat, mentioned a name that I had heard before. According to him, a girl named Anne Spice threatened forestry workers while unsheathing a gun, also armed with bear spray and a knife, while blockading forestry work on the Queen Charlotte Islands.

I was familiar with Anne Spice, having heard her name before — months ago, during the Coastal GasLink blockade hundreds of kilometres away from the islands.

As you will see, Anne Spice is quite the character! She is a seasoned eco-extremist who has been at the forefront of many blockades  opposing all kinds of different economic sectors. She does it in the name of “Indigenous land defenders,” touting herself as a bona-fide Indigenous woman, fighting the fight of her people in British Columbia.

But... she hails from a suburb south of Calgary.

This documentary goes further than we have ever gone, to expose the vast network of extremists behind the blockades that have placed Canadian industries in a vise grip.

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  • By Keean Bexte

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