Is Canada moving towards a Balkanized disaster?

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Events are torpedoing towards the November 4 election day in the United States, and a strong lobby has emerged of Islamists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, trying to stop President Donald Trump from winning a second term.

This has ripple effects in Canada as well.

We see this with the toppling of Sir John A. Macdonald’s statue in Montreal. This is pathetic. Do you think the people doing it have any regard for Canadian values?

Oh sorry: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks we have no Canadian values… no wonder we stoop to such lows. Those who love Canada like you and I do (and even more), please stand up and speak out.

By the way, when you are speaking out, then there’s other strange stuff going on in Canada which also needs our attention.

First there was the permission for public call to prayers by Muslims; the Hindus reacted and also wanted a loudspeaker. How long before the Sikhs and other faith communities also ask for public displays of their devotions?

It’s only the recent past that we see places like Lebanon and Yugoslavia which all started the same way. Politicians started using religion and ethnicity to promote votes and agendas. No one considered the long-term damage of using religion as a political tool and very few people spoke out.

This can never end well.

I come from a part of the world where I’ve seen this happen and the result it has netted.

Please don’t let his happen in Canada. Speak out. By doing so you are not a racist and an Islamophobe. You’re showing your patriotism for wanting Canada to stand strong and free.

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