ISIS claims responsibility for attempting to blow up new Israel-Egypt natural gas pipeline

February 03, 2020

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for causing an explosion at a pipeline carrying Israeli natural gas to Egypt last night in the Sinai Peninsula.

Apparently, the attack was unsuccessful.

Israel's energy minister Yuval Steinitz released a statement after the attack stating that natural gas was still flowing after the “reported explosion.” Later, the pipeline's suppliers at the Leviathan gas field stated:

“...there has not been any damage to the EMG pipeline connecting Israel and Egypt. The flow of gas from Leviathan to Egypt is continuing as normal.”

Natural gas from two offshore fields started flowing to Egypt on January 15th of this year, with Steinitz lauding it as an important development between the two countries:

The export of gas to Egypt ... is the most significant economic cooperation between Israel and Egypt since the signing of the peace treaty between the countries.”

The Sinai Province affiliate of ISIS took responsibility for setting off the explosion in a statement condemning “the Jews” and “the apostate Egyptian government”.

Previously, natural gas flowed in the opposite direction to Israel from Egypt until jihadi attacks on the line eventually put a halt to the supply in 2012.

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