ISIS terrorism suspect released on bail by Calgary judge

ISIS terrorism suspect released on bail by Calgary judge
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Terrorism suspect Jamal Taan Borhot was released yesterday on a $30,000 surety bail by a provincial court judge in Calgary, Alberta.

The Calgary resident, 30, was charged with three counts of “participating in a terrorist group activity.” Among his conditions of release are a requirement to wear an electronic tracking monitor on his ankle, and to not apply for travel documents.

According to a CBC report last month:

Police allege he “committed terrorist activities benefitting the terrorist group known as the Islamic State.”

This summer, RCMP then went on to charge Hussein Sobhe Borhot, 24, a man with a “familial relationship” to Jamal with the same three charges:

Police believe the Islamic State trained him for the purpose of enhancing its ability and that he knowingly committed the offence of kidnapping while working with the militants.

Both Jamal and Hussein Borhot stand accused of committing the offenses during travel to Syria from May 9, 2013, to June 7, 2014. Further, Hussein is alleged to have participating in a kidnapping.

Jamal's release on bail with an ankle monitor was prefigured by Hussein's release under similar conditions in July, and Jamal's $30,000 surety was guaranteed by Hussein.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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