Israeli restaurateur in Vancouver stands tall despite experiencing surge in hate

Despite using Vaseline to help seal her posters of Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas, Ofra’s Kitchen owner says people still work hard to try and rip them down.

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Ofra Sixto, the owner of an Israeli restaurant called Ofra’s Kitchen in Vancouver, says the eatery has been experiencing constant hate since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack against Israel.

Shortly after learning about the attack, Ofra decided to display posters of the Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas and an Israeli flag in her restaurant’s windows.

“Of course I felt really bad because I’m here and my family is there,” Ofra explained to Rebel News why she decided to use some of her windows. “I had to do something. So first of all in support of my country, my people, I put the flag and definitely the posters of the kidnapped.”

In a statement to Rebel News, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) said they are aware of at least two incidents where racial slurs were hurled at Ofra’s Kitchen. They added that “both incidents are under investigation” and that they are “working to identify the suspects.”

Watch the full report to hear Ofra describe the rise in hate that she’s been receiving since October 7, how this isn’t the first time, and why she still proudly displays her nation’s flag in the window despite it.

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