EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau wanted to hire Drake, The Weeknd to be his friends at Davos


Before Trudeau cancelled his trip to the World Economic Forum in 2017, he wanted bureaucrats to hire to international pop stars to hang out with him in Davos!

We have the exclusive documents to prove it!

Back in 2017, Trudeau, despite much advanced planning to attend the meetings in Davos, suddenly pulled the plug on his trip, in favour of “hitting the road in Canada to remain connected with Canadians.”

Trudeau never misses an opportunity to attend these high-level glitzy globalist shindigs. He loves to hobnob with celebrities and other progressive politicos. There had to be some other reason than staying connected with Canadians to cancel his trip to Davos.

So I asked for all the Privy Council documents related to the cancellation of Trudeau's trip to Switzerland.

I'm still going through all of those documents, looking for answers, but I came across something so wonderfully Trudeau that I had to share it with you now. I can't wait.

In a briefing document, bureaucrats from the Privy Council office are floating ideas, brainstorming about how to make Justin Trudeau's trip to Davos an extravaganza that would make the whole world stand up and take notice of Prince Justin Von Novelty Socks of Papineau:

Look at this:

“Option 1) with the addition of Canadian artistic talent or other elements, possibly with corporate sponsorship. This may require a competitive bidding process for selecting an event management company and booking artists (PMO had given Drake and The Weekend as examples and last year had expressed interest in a $100K proposal from C2.”

Trudeau wanted to pay a management company to book Drake and the Weekend to hand out with him at the World Economic Forum in 2017? Sounds very expensive!

Would you agree with me this is so perfectly Trudeau? This is his tenure as Prime Minister summed up in a few lines in a briefing note between bureaucrats.

Trudeau seems vain, self-absorbed and concerned about constantly seeming hip and cool. He appears willing to spare no expense on himself and those around him to satiate his childish need and compulsion to be the woke celebrity leader of the world.

He's Prime Minister Paris Hilton without the business acumen after the fact.

Trudeau wanted to live his life like one of those oligarch's kids, inviting all of the celebrities money can buy to perform for him.

Except Trudeau was trying to use our money to pay for some new superstar friends, while our veterans are being told they are asking for more than Trudeau can give.

SGR Davos Atip by The Rebel on Scribd

  • By David Menzies

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