Justin breached Trudeau Foundation ethics policy for SIX YEARS: Audit

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Justin Trudeau may have violated the ethics policies of the Trudeau Foundation, as he remained on the board of his family's charity for six years while simultaneously holding political office.

Evidence of Trudeau’s latest rule-breaking scandal was uncovered in 800-pages of exclusive access to information documents; Which included audit findings, and internal emails between the Foundation and Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada.

Communications pertaining to the charity titled “Matters Arising from the Audit” describe the rules board members are bound by:

“Article 3 of the agreement, the Foundation represents and warrants that members of the senate or the House of Commons or natural persons elected to a provincial or territorial legislature cannot be appointed as a director or member.

Records indicated that all board members have to complete an annual conflict-of-interest declaration to submit to the Foundation's president:

“In 2003 the board of directors adopted a conflict of interest policy that applies to all directors members staff and committee members. All of these individuals must complete an annual Declaration of conflict of interest and submitted to the president and chief executive officer of the foundation. Our conflict of interest policy is similar to the policies of other nonprofit organizations."

The determinations of the audit found that Trudeau did not resign from the charity in the 6 years following his election to the House of Commons:

“Our findings indicate that family member Justin Trudeau was elected as a member of the Canadian Parliament for the Papineau, Quebec riding on October 14, 2008, and as of the last Canadian federal election assumed Office of the Prime Minister of Canada effective November 4, 2015. As for the 2014 annual report it is stated that Mr. Trudeau has withdrawn from the Affairs of the foundation for the duration of his involvement in federal politics”

The exact date of Trudeau’s resignation from the Foundation was listed as 10 December 2014, six years after being first elected to parliament in 2008.

With all of these ethics violations keeping him busy, it's no wonder Justin Trudeau doesn't have much time left on his hands to actually govern the country!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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