The Ezra Levant Show: Trudeau is a pathological liar — not just about blackface (GUEST: Manny Montenegrino)

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Canada has been on the world’s radar these past few days, and not in a good way — Justin Trudeau's blackface scandal and his response to it, have been staggeringly embarrassing. It was literally the number one story in the entire world, measured by traffic.

From the front page of the New York Times on down, the world couldn’t believe it — I mean, CNN literally went live to Trudeau’s pathetic press conference. Because Trudeau was the world’s wokest scold — and he was just proven to be a fraud.

It's one thing to make a youthful indiscretion — in high school. But Trudeau was 29, a teacher in school, when he dressed up in blackface, and now we've learned of two other incidents.

Do you think for a second that it was just those three moments? Or just those three moments that were caught on camera? Remember, that was the age before smart phones. Don’t take it from me — he said yesterday in his internationally broadcast press conference, he couldn’t even remember how many times it was.

I can absolutely remember what costumes I’ve worn since I was an adult. I can count them on two fingers.

Trudeau has dressed up in black face so often he doesn’t remember.

What a weirdo. But not just a weirdo; and not just a racist. He's also a total, whopping hypocrite. He has spent his life defaming others as racists — that's called projection.

I took a run at some of the facts yesterday; today I want to bring in a better mind than my own, both legally and politically: my old friend Manny Montenegrino.

Manny has been tweeting up a storm about this blackface scandal, and not just about the facts of the day, but how it fits into the larger picture of Trudeau and his corruption, and his fakery.

TONIGHT he joins me for what I promise is a must-see conversation!


  • By Ezra Levant

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