Kanye's election platform is... Shockingly reasonable

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When Kanye West speaks, people tend to listen. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, I'll leave up to the viewer to decide.

Believe it or not though, Kanye is out meeting with Elon Musk, Jared Kushner and building houses.

Last week he dropped his platform for his 2020 election campaign, and he also attaches a bible verse to every initiative.

Read a summary below, or find his platform in full here. Interestingly enough, these 10 strategies, are a lot more reasonable than you might think:

  1. Restore faith, revive Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion, restore prayer in the classroom.
  2. Reduce household and student loan debt.
  3. Restructure the education system to serve the most at-risk and vulnerable populations allowing a wide range of educational and vocational paths to jobs.
  4. Maintain a strong national defence, but don't get caught up in conflicts that don't advance national interest.
  5. Reform the legal system to provide true justice for all citizens, regardless of race or ability to have legal defence. Recognize the disparity in verdicts and prison sentences, caused by the lack of financial resources or legal assistance.
  6. Reform the police and refocus police forces on real crime. Eliminate federal sentencing guidelines to avoid over sentencing for minor offences.
  7. Take care of the environment making clean air, clean water and renewable energies top priorities
  8. Is essentially, "America First": Fair trade, not one-sided deals that hurt American workers, but put American interests first.
  9. Support faith-based groups to provide vital local services.
  10. Simply says: Creativity and the Arts can be an important source of innovation and development of other national strengths and resources.

Nine out of 10 isn't bad, right?

It's shameful that the media doesn't focus on what Kanye actually wants to do or what his goals are, the usual claims that voters are suppressed and marginalized, police need reform, the justice system and mental health need more attention” all go out the window to attack the Chicago native.

Instead, Kanye's social initiatives are ignored and outlets call him crazy.

'We want more choices, but just not certain people.'

'Stop the stigma around mental health...except if it's some one we disagree with.'

How strange.

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